Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kareson Market Standard is on hiatus for the near future. For more information, or to place advertising in our next issue, email us at

See ya soon!

Friday, March 04, 2005

First Issue Coming June 2005

The inaugural issue of the Kareson Market Standard will begin distribution by Canada Post on Monday, May 30, 2005.

42,027 will be delivered to every business address listed with the post office in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and New Westminster.

If you are a registered BC business in any of those areas and you think you may not be registered as one with Canada Post because you operate from your own home or for any other reason, you can register easily, and at NO CHARGE.

All you have to do is call your local postal sub-station and ask to be placed on their business walk for your area. They will take your information, and it's done.

Hey presto, you start receiving your FREE copy of the Kareson Market Standard every month plus all the other mail offers and information targetted especially to business in your area.

All the way around, a very good deal for you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

2005/2006 Advertising Deadlines

Mon May 9 Space and Copy
Th May 12 Directory/Classifieds
Th May 12 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
M May 30 Delivery Starts

Mon Jun 4 Space and Copy
Th June 7 Directory/Classifieds
Th June 7 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
W June 29 Delivery Starts

Mon July 4 Space and Copy
Th July 7 Directory/Classifieds
Th July 7 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
W July 27 Delivery Starts

Mon Aug 8 Space and Copy
Th Aug 11 Directory/Classifieds
Th Aug 11 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
M Aug 29 Delivery Starts

Mon Sept 5 Space and Copy
Th Sep 8 Directory/Classifieds
Th Sep 8 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
W Sep 28 Delivery Starts

Mon Oct 3 Space and Copy
Th Oct 6 Directory/Classifieds
Th Oct 6 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
W Oct 26 Delivery Starts

Mon Nov 7 Space and Copy
Th Nov 10 Directory/Classifieds
Th Nov 10 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
M Nov 28 Delivery Starts

Mon Dec 5, 2005 Space and Copy
Th Dec 8, 2005 Directory/Classifieds
Th Dec 8, 2005 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
Th Dec 29, 2005 Delivery Starts

Mon Jan 9 Space and Copy
Th Jan 12 Directory/Classifieds
Th Jan 12 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
M Jan 30 Delivery Starts

Mon Feb 6 Space and Copy
Th Feb 9 Directory/Classifieds
Th Feb 9 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
M Feb 27 Delivery Starts

Mon March 6 Space and Copy
Th March 9 Directory/Classifieds
Th March 9 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
M March 27 Delivery Starts

Mon Apr 3 Space and Copy
Th Apr 6 Directory/Classifieds
Th Apr 6 Proof Return Date (PPRD)
W Apr 26 Delivery Starts

2005/2006 Editorial Calendar*

Computers & Technology
Human Resources/Personnel

Heavy Equipment Annual
Safety & Security
Retirement & Estate Planning

Small Business Week
Financial Planning & Investments
Support Services

Health Care
Records Handling/Storage
Direct Mail & Mail Handling

Entrepreneur Of The Year
Small Business Week® Canada
Office Furnishings
Holiday Gifts—Oct, Nov & Dec deadlines one week earlier than regular display

Education & Training
Business Banking
Legal & Accounting Services
Holiday Gifts—Oct., Nov. & Dec., deadlines two weeks earlier than regular display

Computers & Technology
Accounting & Taxes
Telecom & The Web
Holiday Gifts—Oct., Nov. & Dec., deadlines one week earlier than regular display

Real Estate, Construction & Contractor Annual
Accounting & Taxes
Business/Personal Banking

Business Promotion & PR
Business Entertaining , Catering; Meetings, Conventions, Special Events

Software Review
International Business
Patents, TMs, Copyrights
2004 Small Business Owners' Guide: This is a handy year-round reference in Special Pubs format, 10 pt cover. Includes how-to’s, expanded The Rewards Section, local, regional, provincial, federal govt directory, business financing resources, web directory of sm. biz, display ads plus directory of advertisers. Distro as insert with KMS. Special rate card. Space deadline Jan 15/06.

Print, Graphics & Direct Mail
Tech Trends
Office Equipment & Supplies
Business Spotlights

Office Interiors
Sales & Marketing
Financial Services
Capital/Business Financing

Regular Features
The Rewards
Consultant’s Forum
Focus On
Bidding & Building News
The Top Job
Suppliers to The Trades Directory

Occasional Features
Alternative Investments
The Spiritual Side
Public Notices
Marketing Tools and Tips
Legal Bits
People to Know
Banking/Finance News
What’s New
Achievements & Honours
Calendar of Events

*Editorial Calendar subject to change at the Editor’s discretion

Kareson Market Standard: The Demographic

What do we know about the business demographic in the Lower Mainland: the owners, operators, presidents, CEOs, and partners; the Vice-presidents, directors, managers, and general managers; the controllers and treasurers; the executives and professionals, the self-employed and the consultants who make Vancouver and district their home?

Statistics and surveys show that over 60% attended universities: over half of those received their bachelor’s degree and roughly half of those went on to complete a post-graduate degree (Masters or Doctorate). Over 25% of those who did not attend university have taken a college or non-degree certificate.

Not surprisingly, their incomes on average run roughly twice the BC average, and their net worth is also commensurately higher.

Three-quarters own their own home, one-fifth own rental property and almost as many own recreational property. Fifteen percent will tell you they plan to purchase recreational property within the next 36 months. Those who invest in real estate, whether for personal use or investment, will tell you the value sits at around $500,000 on average.

Although women comprise the faster growing group, men still make up the bulk of business owners and upper management. Both groups include a wide age range - from late teens to early seventies and older - but the bulk fall into the mid-range, in late thirties to early fifties.

The group overall is very active in the community, supporting both sports teams and the arts. Over sixty percent claim regular attendance at sporting events, with fully half also attending the theatre, concerts, and festivals of many kinds. Nearly one-third attend exhibitions as well.

Better than four in ten own laptop computers with most of that group connecting to the Web wirelessly, and/or via Web-capable cell phones. Nearly one-third get organized with handheld personal data devices.

You’ll find over half this group indulging in golf as regularly as possible, with nearly as many cycling for fun and exercise. Nearly half also ski, with the natural advantages of Vancouver living being well-utilized by the happy one-third who claim sailing and boating as their leisure activity of choice.

Not surprisingly, about 20% of this busy group boasts 3+ vehicle households, while over half have two vehicles.

Nearly four in ten plan to replace a vehicle in any given year.

They are not too busy to get away for regular breaks, with about a third going to the US for a vacation, while roughly 25% stay in BC and about the same number go overseas. Nearly 70% also travel regularly within Canada and the US for business, most by air. Another large group travel the Pacific Rim regularly.

Which leads us to the most important statistic of all: 100% of them receive a copy of the Kareson Market Standard every month in the mail to their business address.

With above-average household incomes and net worth, strong real estate and investment portfolios, varied leisure pursuits, and wide–ranging business interests, this is a powerful and diverse demographic you can rely on for steady business and personal purchasing activity.

Kareson Market Standard – delivering the demographic

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Are YOU an experienced ad sales rep?

And are you looking for a change? If so, we'd like to direct you to our posting at

Keyword Search: Sales, Outside, mag

If you can't find it, just fax your resume

Attn: The Publisher
(604) 980-0739

Or you can e-mail it open to

That's jay-one-kay-em-ess at yahoo dot see ay

Up to March 5, we prefer applications through the working.canada site, which will also give you more information on the sales position available including detailed job requirements and compensation.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Publisher

Kareson Market Standard: Just the Facts

The Product
Monthly magazine, 8⅜" x 10⅞" finished size
Full colour throughout
Printed on gloss 60lb stock for a high-end look and feel

Print & Distribution
Print run 43,000, 42,027 distributed by Canada Post to every business address on all postal walks in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and New Westminster, the balance to advertisers and local bookstores for free distribution, to file as back copies, and reserved for subscribers.

Canada Post distribution numbers are adjusted for each edition to reflect the current count for business addresses in our distribution areas

Approximately 60/40 split display advertising/everything else

‘Everything else’ includes but is not limited to Consultant’s Forum pieces, editorial features, Bidding & Building News, Directory & Classified sections

Each issue has a unique business focus for reader interest & advertising tie-in: Focus on

Bidding & Building News showcases RTB/RFQ/RFIs in the area, quickly giving local business/contractors the vital info necessary to begin the bidding process

The Top Job is selected from among those published that month in the BBN and appears boxed on the front cover, pulling browsers in to the BBN and STT pages.

Suppliers to The Trades is a directory that sits with BBN for top exposure and is for business/contractors that specialise in supply of goods and services to the construction trade

Display & Semi-Display Advertising
Advertising sections offer several levels of participation priced to suit any business, from small internet directory listings to doubletrucks or covers

Limited display advertising is available on front cover: Full, Half, and Third Banners

All display ads are referenced on the front cover: name and ad page number

All display ad pricing includes full colour process

All ad pricing includes primary ad design and make-up

Print-ready electronic files accepted via e-mail or to a dedicated .ftp site, size-dependent

Insert distribution is available -ask for details

Lead Referral Programme
All display advertisers automatically are included in the powerful Advertiser Lead Referral Programme at no extra charge. The company name appears on the Advertiser Information Request form in each issue and contact information from responses is forwarded to them as received. This is a potent source of impeccably qualified leads.

Rate Discounts
See the current rate card for deep frequency discounts

All retail display ad pricing, even that already on earned Frequency Discount is subject to an additional 15% OnTime payment discount

Registered charities and NPO’s receive an additional 20% off retail rate card plus the OnTime discount for a total of 35% off regular rates. This category of ad must be paid in full by space & copy deadline.

Payment Options
Payment for advertising has been made as easy as possible. KMS accepts payment to publisher Kareson Media via cheque, e-mail bank money transfer, or credit card via PayPal at PayPal is free, takes just a few minutes to sign-up, and features military-strength encryption making it safe as well as easy to use.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

What will Our Readers buy from YOU?

The 42,027 businesses who get Kareson Market Standard monthly all contain people who need personal goods and services as well as those pertaining to their businesses - and according to demographic surveys have the disposible income to make that work.

So as well as the obvious goods and services necessary to run their businesses, they buy vehicles, homes, vacations, recreational property, jewelry, clothing, you name it.

Tap into this strong and growing market - call today. (604) 628-1715

Saturday, February 12, 2005

How to Get Your Copy Delivered

If you are already on Canada Post's 'Business Walk' list, you don't have to do anything. Kareson Market Standard will just arrive every month like clockwork.

If you have a storefront, or a business with a sign on the door, you are on that list.

But what if you work from home?

Simple - just call up your local post office and ask to be added to the business walk for your area.

No charge, no problem.

And you'll never miss an issue of Kareson Market Standard.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

All Full Colour!

Just back from the printers:

Due to an upgrade to their presses, we are very excited to tell you that we will be able to offer


in all display ad sizes and positions, at no extra charge!

Yup, s'truth.

Yours for impactful and reasonably-priced advertising,